King Tutankhamun "The Boy King"

Tutankhamun, Tutankhaten (his original name which means 'Living image of Aton'), the boy King of Egypt (reigned 1333 – 23 BC) or King Tut (as known to most of the western people) is by far the most famous Egyptian Pharaoh today he was was born around 1342 BC. Tutankhamun was eight or nine years old when he became pharaoh and reigned for approximately ten years. Since his death in his late teens the boy King remained unknown at rest in Egypt’s Valley of the Kings for more than 3,300 years because his tomb was concealed beneath the mud brick houses of the workmen who cut the tomb of Ramesses VI. Suddenly every thing was changed in November 1922, when Howard Carter discovered the tomb of Tutankhamun. The tomb most likely was not carved for a king (rather for a high official), but due to the fact that King Tut died so young, the tomb was subjected to rush modifications 


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1923 Paparazzi Picture

Pictures from a 1923 Souvenir Guide

Carter Finds Tuts Sarcophagus

Carter's Anubis Record Cards

Carter's 1924 Objects List

Carter's Plan of The Coffin

Wrapping the Artefacts

Tut's Canopic Jars

British Museum 1972

Carter's Burial Chamber Diary

Carter's Tomb Seals Sketches

The Broken Seal

Carter's Tomb Plan


The Entrance to King Tut's Tomb

Front of Burial Mask

Back of Burial Mask

Tutankhamun's Necklace

The Treasury

Harry Burton's Pictures

More Gold

Hope Chest

Carter Explores The Mummy

The Kings Mummy

The Ante Chamber

Guarding the Entrance

The Duck Head Chair

King Tuts Gold Ring

Tutankhamun's Bed

The Face Behind the Mask

Lord Carnarvon

Howard Carter

What the Press Said in 1923

How the Press Looked in 1922

The Valley of the Kings

Statue of King Tut





Why King Tutankhamun ? Well when I was a small lad living in London I went to the British Museum with my school to see the 1972 King Tutankhamun exhibition, and from that day on I was hooked, how could all those treasure stay hidden for so long? So I have made up this page to try and show some of the great treasure Carter found back in 1922.


The Queen at the British Museum in 1972

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